S.S. America 1978
Page 3: bankruptcy of Venture Cruise Lines and forced auction
After deleting all scheduled cruises was announced to invest half a million in the remove the sewage, sanitation and hygiene problems. Venture Cruise Lines made for the problems with the sewage system including the low to harbor responsible, allegedly had not given them water depth, causing the ship to have sucked mud that clogged the pipes.
These costs, however, now came a series of penalties, among other things because of unauthorized exposure of passengers from Staten Iceland and not carried out search and rescue exercises, also in six figures.
In this situation, there was a strike of the crew members, some of whom have not been paid and did not wish to wait for their outstanding wages, which prevented the much-needed repair work. In addition, repayments were now due, which had been promised the terrified passengers.
The WIL died out almost 2 million account of the company that was responsible for the catering on board and providing all the cooks and waiters.
Abandoned and shattered by critics, America lingers at her pier.
-Picture: Sea Classics/ Hugh Heckman-
The Venture Cruise Lines consortium was with his financial ability at the end.
Thereupon the court set America and the insolvent venture Cruise Lines had to declare bankruptcy.
Was it the worst the crew, many of whose members came from the Caribbean (including Jamaica). They were recruited by the venture cruise line and had to pay themselves for their arrival. For some, a sum that consumed a large part of their savings. Arrived in New York they were used for activities for which they were not trained and educated and were underpaid or not paid at all. After the strike and bankruptcy of the venture cruise lines they stood there without anything. Maritime trade unions had to step in to raise money for their trip home and ongoing expenses to alleviate the suffering.

On 28 August, the ship then foreclosed on a public auction in order to recover a portion of the outstanding money. Clearly a low point in the long career of America:
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S.S. America 1978

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