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On the day of the beginning of the first cruise (a 2 day trip on the Atlantic off New York), the ship was also more than anything else a greater site. Many lounges were closed because they were being renovated and the same was true for many cars. Both pools were empty and the cinema is not functional. In the corridors there were piles of garbage and the ship was pervaded by an unpleasant odor, which the still unresolved problems with the drainage system brought with them.
For many additional passengers were still drawn to the part with last minute offers, or had booked and were not on the passenger lists and were added to the 600 the official passenger list, there was no available cabins through these problems. Nevertheless, we all took on board and promised to solve the housing problem, once the ship had taken.
After dropping more than 900 passengers on board was dissolved there are more bad than good by ready made ??or unfinished unrenovated cabins for accommodation. Sometimes even without linen, which was then submitted later boxed pressed for time. The resentment of many passengers was great, not only because of unfinished renovation.
There have been complaints about cockroaches, rats sighted, flooded cabins, no working toilets, leaky faucets, lumpy mattresses and dirty linen. There were also communication problems with the crew, many of whom had only a rudimentary knowledge of English, which led to further confusion.
After a few hours then the mood changed permanently. There were scuffles and "we want our money back '- calls that ended in a kind of mutiny of protest to the captain's cabin and forced six hours at sea to turn the ship. Since no suitable anchorage in New York was available to read the part of disgruntled passengers (about 250) with Staten Iceland lifeboats before the cruise ship and sat with the remaining proceeds. The complaints did not break off, it was criticized, among other things, that the food was bad, there was lack of hygiene and the untrained crew would have considerable organizational problems at many things.
America anchoring of Staten Island.
Back in New York was the America of numerous journalists received that had been aroused by the reports of the previous day exposed passengers. Many of the disgruntled passengers took the opportunity to tell reporters their view of things, which led to a flood of negative articles in the local newspapers.
The alerted health authorities conducted a hygiene inspection on board the vessel. Out of a possible 100 points which reached America in the inspection only 32, with 86 points were considered diarrheal border. Was criticized in addition to the known issues and the general condition of the nearly 40-year-old ship.
But the health authority had no jurisdiction over the ship, since it was registered in Panama and thus not under the control of the U.S. health authorities.
Instead of following this disaster to pull the emergency brake and remove the problems thoroughly, it started on 3 July schedule the second cruise, a 5 day trip with destination Halifax stop on Martha's Vineyard, this time with only around 640 passengers on board.
The overbooking was so off as a problem, but was replaced by a new addition to the already mentioned condition of the vessel: bad weather. The route of the cruise led directly by a severe storm front. Due to rough seas, high winds and caused thereby rolling the America many passengers were seasick. Exactly in this plight failed the troubled sewer system again extensively in many parts of the ship and had toilets overflowing or clogged. In addition, the strong waves brought pipe systems for bursting and non-secure portholes were smashed.
The stopover on Martha's Vineyard had to be deleted because the weather conditions did not allow a landing of passengers.
The America was fighting continued, stamping and rolling in heavy seas to Halifax through. There again broke some of the passengers who were either dissatisfied or seasickness, the cruise off and flew back to the U.S..

After that was America arrived back in New York, the health authority led once again by checking to see how the situation represented on board. The result was even more devastating than the previous one. This time the ship reached only 6 out of a possible 100 points, the lowest value ever awarded. In addition to catastrophic hygienic conditions in food preparation, it was found that the water tanks were contaminated with diarrhea-causing bacteria.

Venture Cruise Lines was no other choice than to put the ship out of service and to try to solve the problems due to this outrageous results, increasing the image and damage to public pressure. This realization came too late to turn the helm and financial ruin began.
Angry passengers were lowered in lifeboats of Staten Island since all available piers in Manhattan were in use.
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America on her pier.
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Passengers disembark the ship after the second cruise in New York with "s.s. America" t-shirts, some show thumbs up, some show thumbs down.
Logo and America- lettering of Venture Cruise Lines.
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America in Hudson River.
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America passes under Verrazano Narrows Bridge on her second cruise.
America on her pier.
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S.S. America 1978

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