S.S. America 1946-1964
On 11 November 1946, there was a kind of déjà vu. For the second time in this decade was the America in their old and new homeport New York on her maiden voyage, and as six years ago, their reception was also a colossal this again prepared. Escorts from harbor boats, tugs, military ships, ferries, planes and an airship they brought into the port of New York to its investors at Pier 86 of the United States Lines. Even the American president's daughter, Margaret Truman, visited the ship in honor of the occasion a visit.
Then, finally, on 14 November 1946 that America was to that for which it was built with its sleek lines, its elegant luxury and their speed: A Transatlantic liners. With just over 900 passengers on board, the ship embarked on its maiden voyage as a liner to Europe and ran as scheduled in the ports of Cobh, Southampton and Le Havre. Except for extremely bad weather on the way back, which made delays to the schedule, as the speed had to be reduced, this first Atlantic crossing of America ran in peacetime successfully and smoothly. The two almost unrivaled operating Queens of the British Cunard Line got a slightly smaller, but worthy rival.
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The America fit exactly into their time. Modern spa design, comfortable cabin interiors in all classes, impeccable and unobtrusive to the same crew service, and a balanced combination of American and European cuisine. Also numerous on-board amenities such as swimming pool, turkish bath, weatherproof outdoor decks, plenty of natural light through large windows, livingroom like lounges, libraries and spacious dining rooms, made the Atlantic crossing a short holiday trip. So it turned quickly a financial success and 1948, the United States Lines, the repurchase until then only chartered America decided.
A typical Anlantic crossing of America started in New York, reached after 5 1/2 days Cobh, Le Havre during the course of another day and 7 days Southhampton, from where it went to New York again.
From 1951 Bremerhaven was also added to this route (reached after 8 days). For the city that meant the resumption of a tradition interrupted by the war. The America was the second transatlantic luxury liner (after the small swedish Gripsholm few months earlier), that resumed regular service to New York from a German port again.
left and right: America is arriving for a second time in her live for a maiden voyage to start in New York.
America at night in Bremerhaven.
-Picture: stereoscopic reel-
Top: America in Bremerhaven, left below: America in Southampton, left center: America in the Bay of Cobh, bottom left: America in the Solent on the way to Southampton, top right: America in Bremerhaven, bottom right: America is leaving Bremerhaven; bottom : America in Le Havre
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Life on board the America should be designed for the passengers as comfortable as possible. Behind the scenes caused a 670 - member crew under the command of the captain that the floating town always worked smoothly. From the bakery to the dentist there was anything on board, you could also find on land. The daily ship's newspaper, Ocean Press, the passengers held on the news stand and informed about events on board ship position and time zone changes.
The atmosphere during the in-flight entertainment programs was often formal and cultivated manner, influenced by the image of society of the 40s and 50s. An immaculate evening wear to dances in the ballroom was a given. Good mood and relaxed atmosphere spread events such as horse racing, bingo and shuffle board. In the late 50s the entertainment was greatly expanded and also for young children were more integrated into the action, so there was afternoon children's parties with balloons and cake in the ballroom.
In addition to the transatlantic service were late 40s and early 60s also cruises to the Caribbean to the tasks of America. During the 50s they were not part of the roadmap for conflicts of interest with subsidies received for the transatlantic service.

The America was a very low-noise ship. In her career with the United States Lines, there was only one major technical fault that they for several months in their builders shipyard, Newport News, forced early 1951. The Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Company shipyard was responsible throughout their career as America for their maintenance and repair.

During the 40s to the late 50s, the careers of America as a transatlantic liner was commercially successful. From 1952, she was on her route Society of the much larger and faster United States, which succeeded the throne of the Queen of America by the American Merchant Marine.
Despite her new sister ship, the America, but continued to argue and lost nothing of its popularity. She had a loyal following and remained the ship of diplomats, which was able to score with its elegant, less minimalist equipment against the overbearing sister ship.
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America at sea.
Life onboard the America.
America in Bremerhaven with Pingelturm (jingle tower') lighthouse.
Mid 50s on the Atlantic.
-Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee.-
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S.S. America 1946-1964

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