TV and movie appearances of America
"Seat Exeo- ST Ithaca "
The American Star featured in a Seat car commercial accompanied by the poem Ithaca by Konstantin Kavafis:
(see the commercial on YouTube (external links!):
"The Pacific"
Award-winning (8 Emmys) mini-series by Steven Spielberg of ten episodes, premiered in 2010.
Wikipedia (external link!):

In the beginning and the end of Episode 3, the computer-animated West Point can be seen in Melbourne:
TV-Channel Euronews compares Costa Concordia to American Star
The Europe-wide airing news channel Euro News broadcasting in 8 languages featured in the end of January 2012 a short segment, which drawed somewhat misleading paralells between the wreck of the Costa Concordia and the wreck of the American Star in relation to scaring away of tourists done by such wrecks:
(seen here in german on Youtube at the end of the short video (external link):
This raises the question however to which extent this comparison is true. After all, the American star prooved to be more of a tourist magnet in its later years which was reflected in guidebook entries, souvenirs and in numerous off-road trips offered to see the wreck. There were also a lot of differeces between the two wrecks in other aspects. For example in contrast to the Concordia, the American Star didn't provided to be a comparable threat to the environment in the form of full fuel tanks or tons of detergents the Concordia had been.
The Italis used for shooting scenes of the movie "L'amant" ("The Lover")?
According to an article featured in the magazine "Mare", the Italis was used as a setting for the romantic drama "L'amant", which played in the former Indochina .
Further details are not known, but the premiere date in 1992 speaks against a movie appearance of "Italian Lady". Possibly there was a long production time in planning and shooting the film, which would make a shooting of scenes aboard the Noga or Alferdoss during the 80s possible, but even that is unlikely.
The fictional ship shown in the film is called the "Alexandre Dumas". Exept for the identical position of the funnel of both ships, many details differ.
It is possible that several ships were used for filming and only a few scenes featuring the Italis were shot.
But most likely however, either the ship or the film was confused in the Mare-article.
The black smoke of Italis?
The "Alexandre Dumas" seen from a shorter distance. The ship doesn't looks similar to the Italis.
Aboard Italis' sun deck?
Great Lounge of Italis?
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