Virtual Tours- America's interiors.

The America was one of the few ships whose original interior design and architecture remained intact throughout her entire career. Only a few changes had been made sporadically. The following tours show the America in different periods of time with pictures form the 40s to the late 90s.
Please note: The tours (exept for the West Point tour) are only electronically translated at the moment.
america tour
australis tour
alferdoss tour
american star tour
Tour aboard the America

A time travel into the past, half a century ago. Interior pictures from the 40s and 50s with additional information.
Tour aboard the Australis

The Australis' interiors in the 70s.
Tour aboard the Alferdoss

In the early 90s the ship's interior still reflected the glory of it's past.
Tour aboard the American Star wreck

The Wreck of the American Star from inside.
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German version:
west point tour
Tour aboard the West Point

The interior of the ship during it's wartime service.