What became of...
...Chandris ?
The Greek shipping company, whose flagship was the Australis long time, was reorganised in the 80s after the liner service became unprofitable and focused in its passenger division on the cruise business. For this, the "Fantasy Cruises' brand was established. In the 90s, this project was halted by Chandris when they decided to focus on upmarket cruises with the "Celebrity Cruises" brand founded in 1989, that exists today. For several years now however Chandris is only a minority owner of Celebrity Cruises when the business was merged with Royal Caribbean International in 1997.
The Celebrity Cruises continue to wear as a trademark the distinctive Chandris X. The fleet currently consists of 11 modern ships.

There is also a merchant brand of Chandris shipping with the vessels bearing the names of the former passenger ships. Among them was an oil tanker named Australis.
...United States Lines?

After their last passenger ship, the SS United States, was retired from service in 1969, the shipping company focused on merchant shipping. Too risky and to fast expansion led to bankruptcy in 1986 and in 1992 the USL ceased to exist after several lawsuits for mesothelioma were settled.
... the bigger running mate of America, the SS United States?

1969, only five years after the sale of America to Chandris, the United States was laid up by the USL after only 17 years of service. In contrast to the America, a second career was not in store for her and she never again transported paying passengers. Beginning in the 80s her interiors were auctioned off and in the early 90s the ship was gutted in Sevastopol, Ukraine for asbestos removal.
Despite her decommissioning was over 40 years ago, the United States has survived until today and is currently laid up in Philadelphia in a sorrow state awaiting either a better future or the end in a scrap yard.
Celebrity Century in Dubrovnik.
Old United States Lines warehouse at pier 76 in New York.
... America's birthplace, the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company?

The shipyard still exists today, although its names and oweners has changed several times. Its still one of the largest shipyards in the U.S. and today entirely focuses on the building of military vessels, most notably aircraft carriers and submarines.
S.S. United States in Philadelphia.
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... the America herself?

Of course, the fate of America is known, but lets imagine a ficional paralel universe in which the ship survived to this day and would still be in operation. How would America look like if she really would have been rebuild as initially planned by Chandris' Vice President in 1980 for the U.S. market and would have been even further updated in later conversions?
How would she look like if she would still sail the seven seas for Chandris in the Celebrity fleet? Following is an image of this purely fictional utopia. Surely an upgrade at that time would have taken away a lot of her forerly well preserved America- heritage:
The superstructure was greatly extended in height by one deck and aft extentions, nearly all masts have been removed, some balcony cabins have been added on the two upmost decks, the lifeboats have been renewed and the funnel was replaced, portholes on upper- and main deck replaced by bigger windows. Bridge and Promenade deck were kept in original condition.
To compensate for the extra weight hull sponsons were fitted at the sides and the stern for additional buoyancy (similar to the real-life version of the cruise ship MS Athena (ex- MS Stockholm).
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