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If the website or parts of the site are not displayed correctly, so it is advisable to first download the latest version of your respective web browser.
This site is optimized for display on desktop computers at a resolution of 1024 * 768 or higher. However, most functions are also available with a resolution of 800 * 600
If you are experiencing a problem that can not be solved with updating your internet software so that may well be due to faulty programming of this website. Write me an  email, maybe the problem can be solved.

The virtual tours on board the ship (with the exception of the American Star tour) and the citations banner on the home page are using Adobe Flash. To be able to use them, the display of flash content must be enabled in your browser. Although  for pure function Flash Player 8 should be enough, it is in general advisable due to security improvements to update to the latest version.
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