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Construction 1938-1940

The initial phase of America in the Newport News Shipyard and Drydock Co. in Virginia. Planning, designing and construction.
S.S. America 1940-1941

The short prewar career of America as a cruise ship in the Caribbean.
U.S.S. West Point 1941-1946

During the second world war the ship served as the troopship West Point and transported over half a million people around the world.
S.S. America 1946-1964

America in service as a prestigious transatlantic liner, the very purpose of her construction.
R.H.M.S. Australis 1964-1978

(Later prefix changed to S.S. Australis.) The successful time as immigration- and cruise ship flying the flag of the Greek Chandris Lines.
S.S. America 1978

The unfortunate revival as a cruise ship off the US east coast, operating under her original name. The experiment ended with newspaper headlines such as "The cockroach ship" and "The voyage of the damned".
S.S. Italis 1978-1980

The last passenger career of the vessel as a hotel ship off Liberia's coast and three cruises in the Mediterranean.
S.S. Noga 1980-1984

The Noga should have been converted into a floating hotel, but all concepts came to nothing. The ship was permanently laid up in Greece- The beginning of an uncertain future.
S.S. Alferdoss 1984-1993

The long lay up since the autumn of 1979 had taken a heavy toll on the old America. Her new arabic name, which translates as "paradise" couldn't fulful it's promises.
S.S. American Star 1993-today

With the change of ownership to a Thai company there finally seemed to be a chance for a well-deserved retirement as a luxury hotel for the historic vessel. But the American Star should never reach Thailand ...
The story of America from it's construction to it's end
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