Celebrities and renowned personalities aboard America
Salvador Dalí
Famous Spanish artist Salvador Dalí often traveled between the old and the new world. Ocean liner were always his first choice for traveling because he was suffering from fear of flying. The America was one of his favorite ships.
He appreciated the luxury and illustrious society on board. Equally important it was for him to have his artworks personally with him and not have to be stored away in some cargo spaces. Spacious cabins of transatlantic liners offered the best opportunities for this.

Pictures of Salvador Dalí aboard America (external links!):

Dalí on Deck next to life belt (Corbis)
Dalí aboard with his wife (Corbis)
Dalí on the sundeck (AP)
Dalí with acrylic glass ball invention in the Ball room of America (AP)
Dalí with golden suit in Ball room of America (AP)
Marlene Dietrich
Among the illustrious guests of America was the famous Hollywood diva and singer Marlene Dietrich. Especially in the late 40s, she used several times the luxurious first class of the Queen of the U.S. Merchant Marine to tavel between Europe and the USA.

Pictures of Marlene Dietrich aboard the America (external links!):
Marlene Dietrich with her daughter on deck of America (AP)
Marlene Dietrich in 1947 on Deck of America (tumblr/AP)

John F. Kennedy
In September 1958, three years before his election to U.S. President, John F. Kennedy crossed the Atlantic aboard the America. At this time he was a senator for Massachusetts in the U.S. Senate, the second chamber of parliament of the United States next to the House of Representatives.
Madeleine Albright
The U.S. Secretary of State of the Bill Clinton administration and former UN ambassador emigrated to America in 1948 aboard the America. Born under the name Marie Jana Korbelová in Czechoslovakia, then 11 - year-old Marie fled with her family after the communist coup from her home country.

Ferry und Ferdinand Alexander Porsche
Ferry Porsche and his son Fedinand traveled in November 1958 on board the America to the United States to receive a prize for their deceased father and grandfather for the Volkswagen design. The two Porsche car manufacturer bosses were acompanied by a Porsche 356 A car, brought to the USA for promotional purposes. A freighter was out of the question for the top seller of the company.

Image (external link!):
Ferry und Ferdinand Jr. Porsche with a 356 A in front of the bow of America (Porsche)

Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra is also said to have once been among the passengers of America and sang on the stage of the main lounge of the first class. When this was and if there was a specific reason is unknown.
(This information comes from an article in the magazine "Mare". Another source does not exist, therefore this information is not guaranteed.)

Queen Frederika
On one of the last Atlantic crossings of America in the beginning of 1964, the Greek Queen Frederika was among the ships passengers. For both, the America and the queen, the year 1964 should be the last in their respective functions. The America the former Queen of the American merchant marine, was sold to Greece in November 1964 and Frederika the Queen of the Greeks, was succession by her son on the throne.

Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly crossed the Atlantic aboard the America at least once: In July 1947 together with her sister. This was actually a few years before she got famous with movies like "High Noon", "Dial M for Murder" or "To Catch a Thief" in the early/mid 50s.

Image (external link!):
Grace Kelly and sister aboard America in 1947 (AP/ tumblr)
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Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan was one of the first passengers of America and since a big fan of the ship. He participated in her maiden cruise in 1940. At that time he was known not as a politician but as a Hollywood actor. Reagan was immediately fascinated by the ship and asked to see the construction plans. On this basis, he began to build a wooden model of the ship, which should keep him busy for over a year in his spare time. The later 40th U.S. President about his passion for ships: "A ship is a thing of beauty- Whether it's on the high seas or on your living room table."

Another picture of Reagan on board the America (external link!):
Ronald Reagan in 1940 in America's swimming pool (Getty)
Ronald Reagan and his self made wooden model of America.
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