S.S. Noga 1980-1984
The new owner as of summer 1980, the Compagnie Noga D'Importation et D'Exportation through its subsidiary company Inter Commerce Corporation, a Swiss investment group that was associated with the Hilton hotel group in the compound. The Italis was renamed after the company name in Noga. Up to the new name on the stern, the paint over the previous name on the bow and the Chandris Xe sweep the chimney and painted over a few points on the hull, there was no progress and the ship was launched. There were plans Noga as a hotel ship off the coast of West Africa in Lagos (Nigeria) to use and even a floating luxury hotel in New York City was briefly the debate. From this period are some plans for a possible reconstruction of the ship, including helicopter landing pad, or use as a floating exhibition center in Montreal come. None of it went on the status of the vision beyond.

Remained as the Noga in Eleusis Bay, unused and in steadily deteriorating state of repair, read on what their chances dwindle to a new beginning. Since profitable projects no longer seemed in sight, it was sold in 1984.
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