S.S. Australis 1964-1978- The "Australian Lady"
Towards the end of the 70s the big passenger jets also terminated the end of Australis, as before this development meant the end of her career as America for over a decade. Especially the airline Qantas gained the upper hand against Chandris increasingly in competition between ship and flight to Australia.
From 1975, Australis was the title of the world's largest express ship, simply because they already had one of the last remaining large ships with this task at this time.
In 1977, she was the last remaining ship that brought immigrants to Australia in scheduled liner service.
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This year, the Australian government not extended the contract of carriage with Chandris, which subsidized the transport of immigrants fell away and so did the passengers on this central business of shipping company. From this time Jets thanks to falling costs of immigration now mainly used.
Just like in America at that time, the end of an era for which the Australis last and one of the most popular and well-known immigration ships stood like no other.
Deprived of her task, there was no choice but to lay up Australis. This happened in November 1977 after her last trip to Timaru, New Zealand where the ship waited for a buyer while few visitors came to visit on board, among them veterans of USS West Point.
There were rumors that the ship should be scrapped, or as a hotel ship would get a new job, but ultimately it was then for a good price on 18 May 78 sold to an American consortium that was planning to get Australis as a passenger ship.
Australis during a cruise.
-Picture: Chandris Lines-
Australis in late 70s in Southampton.
-Picture: Vie et Mort de l'America-
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Die Australis at full speed in the North Sea.
Australis in port.
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R.H.M.S. Australis 1964-1978

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