Maiden Voyage
Her maiden voyage began on 21 August in 1965. Before the departure of the new ship, members of the royal hellenic family and government officials welcomed the Australis in the Greek merchant marine in a ceremony.
From Piraeus from it then went to numerous ports in the (eastern) Mediterranean where the remaining passengers ascents. With 2,130 passengers on board, she went through the Suez Canal. From there, with stops in Aden (Yemen) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) and problems with the new air conditioning to Australia and New Zealand. The first time since the Second World War as West Point, the ship on 6 September enters in an Australian port, the Port of Fremantle. From there she traveled along the south coast to Melbourne (11 September) and Sydney (September 15). From Sydney, led the way to New Zealand with the Ports of Auckland and Wellington. On the way back to Europe via the South Pacific, the ship came to a halt on the Fiji Islands and Tahiti before it in the colors of its new company the Panama Canal crossed the first time, then to anchor at Port Everglades (Florida). From there she went across the Atlantic to Southampton.
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Round the world vayages
Home port of the Australis was from the Second World Travel Southampton. From there, the round the world started (different ports, but most of Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Naples and Piraeus) with another passenger record in Europe. It went through the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, and then followed the crossing of the Indian Ocean to Australia and New Zealand. This part of the trip was called "southbound", and was the real immigration route. On this part of the journey was the Australis is usually occupied up to the last seat with passengers.
The route from Southampton to Sydney took at a speed of 22 knots for about a month.
Of Oceania from it then went through the South Seas and the Pacific Ocean to the Panama Canal. Then, through the Caribbean and across the Atlantic to Europe. This part of the trip was called "northbound".  To get the ship fully loaded on this part of the voyage, especially attractive ports of call were integrated into the route and prices were kept low. Passengers were mainly Australians and New Zealanders who wanted to travel for business or pleasure to the U.S. or to Europe, world travelers or immigrants who grabbed the homesick after a few years of residence in Australia.
For the route from Australia to Southampton, the Australis also needed about a month.

During the Middle East crisis from 1967 to 1976, the Suez Canal was not available. The world tour was performed during this time with a circumnavigation of Africa.
In 60 days around the world. The main routes of Australis on her round the world. The dark red line, Suez Canal navigable Southampton, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Naples, Piraeus, Port Said, Aden, Colombo, Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington (Auckland), Fiji Islands, Tahiti, (Acapulco), Balboa, Cristobal, (Fort Lauderdale), Southampton. Light red line alternative route around the southern tip of Africa: South Hampton, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam, Canary Islands, Cape Town, Durban, Fremante, then continue as above.
The bright red trip in the Pacific shows the route with the stopover in Acapulco, Mexico. From time to time there were more route changes by changing ports of call.
Australis in Southampton.
Life on board
Life aboard the Australis on world tour was very relaxed. The daily routine and the stress of work and everyday life gave way to a relaxing 24 hours free time. You could completely forget the time on board and only the board daily newspaper "Seascape" reminded of everything that was going on outside the 220 meter  of ship. The entertainment and leisure activities on board were varied. There were the many lounges, who invited you to stay, the swimming pools, sports deck, such as volleyball, jogging, clay pigeon shooting, the library, and the animation and entertainment program including table tennis and Schachtounieren, own ship band, dance nights and shows, mainly from were made by the passengers themselves. Even an election of "Miss Australis" was an integral progam many trips.
A highlight of any trip around the world was the Equator Crossing the Equator traditional baptism. This King Neptune and his entourage on board the ship, and baptized all passengers, the ship crossed the equator for the first time. Participation was voluntary, of course, but King Neptune's court also knew how to convince reluctant at first passengers of the baptism in a very special way. Before baptism, christening to the passengers had a series of "tests" are, where they remained rare dry or clean. At the end of the ceremony we got a baptismal certificate. This fun regularly attracted thousands of passengers on the Lido deck.
Of course there was also the opportunity often, so extensively and very inexpensive to celebrate as you wanted and the bars were always well Visited aboard the Australis.
There was enough space crossing to the personal preferences to customize, whether party or relaxation was up to you.
For the immigrants aboard language courses in English, and regional and cultural studies were offered.
In addition to the scheduled services between Europe and Australia, the Australis was traveling on numerous cruises in the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. This "south to the sun" - Cruises are offered primarily in the winter months between the times around the world and attracted with interesting routes and anchor points many passengers on the boat. During the cruise, the passenger capacity was not at 2200 as the line service, but only in 1500. The offered entertainment on board was very similar to the regular service, however, was extensive.
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Above: Australis anchored in the harbor of Casablanca. Passengers examine the handbags a  traveling salesman.
Austalis shipboard activities. Upmost picture shows crossing-the-line ceremony.
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