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Similarly dramatic and confused like the end of the American Star itself, were the processes related to the end of the ship behind the scenes.

The American investors

During the preparations of the American Star for transfer to Thailand, reported two American investors interested in the boat and did not offer less than $ 6,000,000 for the acquisition. The offer was rejected. On 17 January, the night before the stranding, as the American Star drifted to her misfortune already out of control, the same investors increased their offer to $ 8.5 million, with a request to change the destination route of the ship.


Immediately after the stranding broke out between the owners, the insurance, the towing company and scrap dealers go a bitter dispute over property rights, insurance payout and recriminations. Not only the owner reported to claim, but also the tractor companies. Ultimately the insured amount was paid to the owners. Assured the American Star at Lloyd's of London insurance market was an unknown sum.

Neftegaz 67

The tug Neftegaz turned on 18 January '94 after the stranding of the American Star full steam from the accident site, and was persecuted by the Spanish authorities by helicopter and a Coast Guard boat to clarify the events and to answer questions. The helicopter caught up with the fleeing tractor, but could not stop it. Finally, the Neftegaz was outside Spanish territorial waters and headed for Agadir in Morocco. This withdrawal from the Spanish justice many questions remained unanswered, such as why the tractor the rescue not automatically informed about his predicament in the fight for the American Star.

The authorities

The Spanish authorities feared an environmental disaster from leaking fuel oil or fuel due to the opaque layer information about the wrecked ship in the first days after the stranding. Also there were rumors, on board befände to possibly toxic waste or radioactive material should be disposed of illegally. However, these concerns presented luckily soon found out to be false. All the ship's tanks had been pumped out and cleaned in Greece. Also, the ballast tanks were filled with water.

Controdictions and open questions

About the events during the hurricane and the associated stranding there are some contradictory, unclear events. Blame are always difficult and opaque at such a situation almost impossible.
Nevertheless, the behavior of the tug crew dives for the beaching of the American Star as soon as possible to remove the Havarieort ask. Supposedly, this prompts the Spanish coast guard were ignored, to clarify the facts.
The activities behind the scenes during the last days of America in one piece are the known information is difficult to sort out. What was it exactly with the 8.5 million tender offer on itself, which was made ??in the last hours before the stranding of American investors? Where did this extreme increase in value (purchase price paid for the Chao Phraya Developement & Transportation Company of Thailand 2 million + 1.5 million = 3.5 million renovation costs to date) and why the Thai owners were not willing to sell for that price again?
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