The America in 3D

The interior architecture and interior design of America is sometimes difficult to grasp by the few existing photos. Since I wanted to get myself a better impression of the interior of the ship, I have made some more or less accurate virtual models of some areas of the ship. Actually, this project was initially meant only for me to practice technical drawing as part of my studies in architecture, but in the meantime I think about creating a walkable virtual model of the ship in the long term. If this venture should be eventually completed, I would put it here on the website for download. In the following you can see a few renderings and wireframe models of the current state. For the modeling of the models, the program Cinema 4D was used for subsequent conversion into accessible spaces I'm most likely going to use the game engine Unreal Development Kit 3 (UDK).
left 3D model, right original room for comparison.
Smoking room, promenade deck:
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Lounge, promenade deck:
Cocktaillounge, promenade deck:
Ball room, promenade deck (ony first basic models without textures of lighting):
Model of the central ceiling decoration (The sun was also used as a lighting fixture and for air ventilation).
Chair with armrests.
Decoration of the stage boundaries (to be deceived column).
Decorative elements of the tables (under the glass plates).
Model of the Australis

This somewhat oversized model is more the result of photo studies and less of building plans drawn to scale, which I  not yet had available at the time of building. The Australis is my first ever made ship model, so not really perfect. The biggest mistake which struck me later when I compared with the construction plans of the real ship: the height of the hull in relation to its length is out of  balance. The model is illuminated with an LED light string (low heat, long lifespan of diodes).
Model of Cocktaillounge in wireframe view.
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