Culinary specialties served in exquisite atmosphere: a daily routine in the first class from breakfast to midnight snack.
Food on board the America was a social experience, especially in the first class. It was not just about satisfying hunger and enjoy the delicacies, but was part of the social establishment. The aim was to make friends and also a bit about showing who you are and what you have. In short, see and be seen. The social life on board were grouped in large part to the eating and drinking culture and exactly for this elaborate environment focused on the transatlantic liner mid-20th Century like no other means of transportation. For quite a few travelers this special culture aboard had been the reason to still use the transatlantic liners with loyalty in the beginning of the jet age. On ships such as the America, a veritable ocean liner culture had developed. Luxury and festive performances were essentiel in this world far from home, in a floating palace, which often embodied the prestige and value of the owning nation.
Under this premise, the America was no exeption.
Cold Buffet in the first class dining room: front left Hereford beef from Wales Fort, right next to Malossol Beluga caviar from the Azov Sea, directly above beef tongue with cut Elberta peaches. Bottom right under a Smithfield ham mushrooms and candied fruit, above a roasted turkey garnished with candied orange slices and maraschino cherries. In the middle of a spring salad, its left caught in the waters off Maine lobster, right beside decorated with flags lamb ham. Behind a four-part cheese wheel from Switzerland and a fruit basket.
The lady in the background with the red dress on the left next to the Peacock ice sculpture is Eva Gabor (actress), the sister of Hollywood diva Zsa Zsa Gabor.
It started in the morning at 7 Breakfast was in the dining room, or can be enjoyed on the cabin. Besides the usual baked goods especially so extravagant creations like hot Butteromlett garnished with shrimp, or Persian melons were in high demand.
By 11 clock in the morning there was a small Zwischenmalzeit a consommé with crackers.
Twelve point it went straight on to lunch. In the dining room waiter initially served toasted toast. The food could then be selected from the menu. Popular for example, was a strong bouillabaisse, brought to the table in a large copper sterols with warmer, topped with lobster, shrimp and vegetables.
Above left: breakfast in the cabin, below that left: cocktails in the cocktail bar. Right: Breakfast menu.
After lunch we went to relax often back to the cabin, where at this time, formal envelopes under the door for many passengers flew through it. This often influenced included invitations to cocktail and dinner parties, either private or for all passengers in the lounges.
But first was the afternoon tea in the series. Sweet tarts were against four clock to mostly served in the lounge and the orchestra played on, to give the whole a corresponding frame.

After that it was about time to prepare for a private cocktail parties (if because you were invited to one), of which there were usually several in the course of a journey. Some of these parties were given by the captain, other of officers, but most of the passengers themselves, you were one of the social highlights of every cruise. Dinner Jacket and best manners were essential virtues here. Much of these parties followed a fixed, unchanging ritual: First, we went to the cabin of the inviter. There waited a Stuard and greeted a person with a name and knocked on the cabin door. The host answered the door, the Stuart announced the guest, who was then invited to enter the room. A presentation was followed by ritual, were formally introduced himself to the guest and host. Whether they knew each other or not, it did not matter. Only after the serving of cocktails and light appetizers in the illustrious round began.
By 19 clock one went on to dinner, under which it small dinner parties with table cards were some of the dining tables and a place at the captain's table was always highly sought after.
Time for dinner, especially on gala evenings, the chefs of America on trumped with everything they had to offer. Dinner on board almost reminded a little of sumptuous dining to court bygone era. Meters high draped food pyramids of the finest delicacies, Mr. bevy of waiters and waiters, fine tailored suits and elegant silverware made ??for a brilliant atmosphere. Was framed distributed with over 100 square meters of shimmering wall reliefs in height over two decks of playing all the music on the balcony Orchestra and the dining room itself.
For passengers who all but then became a bit too much, but there was always the possibility of taking a mundane hamburgers to order and easy to leave the redfish redfish soup soup.
After dinner, you still might approved a Turkish coffee or a Napoleon brandy, according to personal taste.

Then the illustrious company moved on to the after dinner party or a dance in the ballroom. Again, personal greetings by Stuards and live music of the orchestra. Danced on the circular  parquet dancefloor mostly waltz or foxtrot. Besides the guests, many of the officers of America were present. All sorts of delicacies were served the nearby cocktail lounge, on which you could avoid quite at will.
Even after the end of these events, a culinary day was not over yet forcibly on board. Appeared at midnight snack buffet in the ballroom to the quiet bass sounds of the orchestra, with which one could slowly let the day end.
Now only still the question remains to be clarified where did all the food came on board in order to ensure such high standards can? 90% of the food and drinks arrived in New York on board, but this figure is misleading. Much of the food was previously from Europe, preferably on cargo ships of the United States Lines shipping company, imported and loaded only in New York. Reason for this oddity were U.S. regulations, which made ??this necessary detour. The remaining 10 percent were specialties that came directly fresh in every port of call in Europe on board. Including Irish Bacon in Cobh, Westphälischer ham in Bremerhaven and Dover Sole (Sole) in Southampton.
Private cocktail party in a cabin de luxe of America.
Afternoon tea is served on open deck if allowed by the weather condition.
Above: Gala dinner menu.
Below: Spoilt for choice when ordering in the first class dining room of America.
Excerpt from the wine list: Red Bordeaux wines with vintages and prices.
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Captain's dinner in the first class dining room. A place at the table was obtained by personal invitation of the captain. This evening usually was the culinary highlight of the voyage where the head chefs could proof their skills.
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