Art aboard
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The following is an overview of the ship's interior design and the numerous artworks on board.
Design and interior architecture

The Story of America's forward thinking interiors and their designers.
Artworks Page 1

Charles Baskerville- White Ibises in the Everglades (1. Class Lounge)
Artworks Page 2

Pierre Bourdelle- "Pageantry  of  States" (1.Class Diningroom)
Artworks Page 3

Barry Faulkner- Trade routes of the world (1. Class Smokingroom)
Charles Baskerville- The Circus (1. Class Ballroom)
Artworks Page 4

Constantin Alajalov- The Nightclub (1. Class Cocktaillounge)
Artworks Page 5

Hildreth Meière- Relief Skylines (2. Class Diningroom)
Paul Manship- Moods of Time (1. Class Lounge)
Barry Faulkner- Sternbildkarte (1. Class Smokingroom)
Artworks Page 6

Austin Purves Jr.- Signs of the Zodiac (Staircases)
Constance L. Smith- Ducksuite Murals
André Durenceau- Dolphin Relief (Swimming pool)
Griffith Raily Coale- The Family Tree (1. Class Library)
Artworks Page 7

André Durenceau- Neptun (1. Class Ballroom)
Austin Purves Jr.- Oceans of the World (1. Class Ballroom Foyer)
Pierre Bourdelle- New York Skyline (1. Class Dining Room Foyer)
Glenn Moore Shaw- Die Entdeckung Amerikas (2. Class Smoking Room)
Howard B. French- America (3. Class Smoking Room)
Fremont F. Ellis- Abiquiu (3. Class Lounge)
Artworks Page 8

Allen Townsend Terrell (1. Class Childrenplayroom)
Allyn Cox (3. Class Diningroom)
C. John Marsman (2. Class Lounge)
Thomas Skinner (3. Class Childrenplayroom)
Charles B. Gilbert- Animals of the Barnyard (2. Class Childrenplayroom)
S. Edwin Megargee (Kennels)
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America by Artists

America was not only graced by numerous artworks onboard, but was herself  chosen as a subject of art by many artists. An overview of some of these paintings can be seen here.
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