prewar america
liner america
venture america
S.S. America, three class configuration

All three classes of America with color coding.
S.S. America, two class configuration

The two class ship configuration of America post 1961 modifications.
S.S. Australis

Complex deck planof the ship from 1971, furnished accommodations.
S.S. Australis, cabins with/without private facilities

Simplified deck plan of cabins aboard.
Construction plans

Complete construction plans with crew accommodation and technical areas of the ship in it's original configuration of 1940.
Side views

Different side views of the ship in different time periods.
Deck plans
(click on text or pictures to see the respective plans.)
venture america
Detailed plans of special areas and cross section views of the ship

Cross section plans of the engine room, boiler rooms and midship section. Detailed plans of some technical areas and the main galley.
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