Die Schornsteine
Vergleich SSA vs. SSUS
Politische Einflüsse
Was wurde aus...
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Australis Umbau
The funnels

About the unique funnels of America. Construction idea, problems and changes over time.
Safety aboard

About the pioneering security measures on board the America, which made her the safest passenger ship in the world in 1940.
America- a money pit?

About the financial situation of America during her time with the United States Lines.
S.S. America vs. S.S. United States -A brief comparison

The two famous passenger ships of the United States Lines had many similarities but even more differences, some of them only noticable by a second look.
Political influences

Spies aboard? Union strikes against the Greek military dictatorship? More about the political influences on the ship here.
What bacame of...

... Chandris Lines? ... America's bigger running mate United States? Information on todays status of shipping companies, ships and others once accociated to America.
The trials

In the early summer of 1940 the construction of America was completed and trials with the new ship were carried out. Whether they were a success and what performance characteristics were determined, see here.
Dine aboard America

Culinary specialties served in exquisite atmosphere- a daily routine in the first class from breakfast to midnight snack.
Fire aboard

In 1970, disaster nearly struck Australis when a fire in the main galley broke out and quickly spread.
From America to Australis

Details about the rebuilding in Greece 1964-1965.
Background information, details and more
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Here you can find information on political influences on the history of the ship, background information on safety standards on board and much more.
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Stars an Bord
Celebrities and renowned personalities aboard

A list of famous people who once crossed the Atlantic aboard America.

An overview of the use of asbestos in the construction of America.
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