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"Trade routes of the world" by Barry Faulkner
These two artistically designed maps by Barry Faulkner located in the 1. class smoking room showed the typical operational radius of America on her transatlantic voyages. Drawn on these maps are also ocean depths, wind systems, ocean currents, and distances of major shipping routes. The maps were surrounded by large wind roses. The America itself could also be seen while traveling across the Atlantic.
whereabouts of the artwork: Stayed aboard the ship until 1994. Removed from the wreck, current location and existance unknown.

about the artist: Barry Faulkner (Francis Barrett Faulkner) (1881- 1966) was best known for his large scale wall and ceiling murals. Here is a small list of places where you can still find some of his best-known works today:

    * The Cunard Building in New York, 1920
    * Eastman Theatre in Rochester, New York, 1922
    * Metropolitan Life Insurance Company in Ottawa, Ontario, 1927
    * RCA Building, Rockefeller Center, New York City, 1933
    * National Archives Building, Washington, D.C., 1936
    * Oregon State Capitol, Salem, Oregon, 1938
    * Senate Chamber, New Hampshire State Capitol, Concord
    * John Hancock Building, Boston, 1949
    * Cheshire County Savings Bank, Keene, New Hampshire, 1955

Mural aboard Alferdoss.
Murals aboard America.
Barry Faulkner working on "Traderoutes of the Atlantic" in 1940.
"The Circus" by Charles Baskerville
"The Circus" aboard America.
This 6-meter (20 feet)-wide mural was the eyecatcher of the ball room and was located on the back wall of the musicians' stage. It shows a colorful, detail-loving circus world.

about the artist : see Artworks page 1
Details of the mural.
whereabouts of the artwork: Stayed aboard the ship until 1994. Removed from the wreck, but not in one piece.
There were apparently failed attempts to release it from the wall (either by vandalism or failed rescue efforts) as can be seen in the picture below.
Damaged circus mural aboard wrecked American Star in 1994 with a huge part torn away in the lower right corner.
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Art aboard

Before (left) and today: the ripped away signature by Baskerville may be the only part of the mural that survived until today (note the hand of the monkey still recognizable)
German version: