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The front end of the enclosed promenade deck leads into the first class smoking room, with 26 times the 17 meters area, the largest room of the ship. From this circular space one has a 180 degree panorama of the sea in the direction of America through 12 floor-length window that is centered gently interrupted by a bar. To mitigate the incident in this space frontal sunlight, the smoke salon is by ebonized beech wood and a brown-beige patterned Art Deco Flooring darker held as most of the rest rooms. The design of the smoking room by the artist Barry Falkner is all about geography, astrology and astronomy. The round walls at the rear are finished with huge maps of the northern Atlantic, where you can track the good transatlantic route of America. Impressive peak in the center of the room is the golden sun on the ceiling in the Art Deco style. Based on their unfolds its pattern from the floor beams which are crossed by districts such as raceways of the planet. The back wall of the bar is covered by an indirectly illuminated, glass zodiac map.

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