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The decorated in beige two decks high lounge is outshone by the graceful wall painting of the Florida Everglades, which surrounds the main entrance.
Is the space of this painting framed on one side and a stage on the opposite side. Starboard and larboard close to galleries. The numerous sofas and chairs rest on handgeknüpftem carpet from Puerto Rico. Many details in the Art Deco style are to discover, such as the ornate railing of the galleries, or the interesting shaped wall lamps. Indirect ceiling lighting provides a soft light distribution and highlights the cozy elegance that radiates this space. Captain Harry Manning compared the Large lounge like the Waldorf Astoria in New York.
  The power consumption for this room alone amounted to over 8000 watts, which consumed more than 300 bulbs in undimmed lighting.
Lounge- 1. Class
Promenade Deck
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