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Also, the number of necessary food for the whole table place settings participated in huge dimensions. The cutlery range which is designed for the United States Lines "Manhattan ornamental pattern" consisted of a total of 28,000 parts including 2640 dessert knife, 3840 cake forks, 2340 soup spoon, 120 lobster forks, 200 oyster forks, 120 silver fruit baskets and 200 sugar tongs.

When washing the required amounts were similar: around 3000 dinner plates, soup plates 1800, 3600, dessert plates, fish plates and 700 Teetablets 1800 meant a lot of work for the dishwasher.

The napkins and tablecloth range even had a total 81,200 pieces, all designed specifically for the ship and hergestellt.Unter them Teeservietten 600, 2450 cocktail napkins, tablecloths 9500, 3600 and 720 Tablettdeckchen .
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Prepare and cook food took on  huge dimensions aboard America. About 6000 meals a day for passengers and crew were prepared. This was ensured by two large galleys: One on the A-deck for first and second class passengers amidships between the two dining rooms and another on B Deck for third class passengers and crew.
The two kitchens were almost completely electric. 19 all-electric commercial kitchen stoves, four large electric griddles for Fried, 3 vertical rotating grill with heating elements on two sides for meat and chicken, plus countless bread makers, coffee grinders, Teigmixer, waffle irons, and egg cooker made for an efficient process in this time ultra modern kitchen landscape. Even semi-automatic dishwasher came to the America already used. All work surfaces, and shelves have stainless steel surfaces for hygiene reasons, such as they are today common in any large modern kitchen.

A Außnahme in the all-electric galley formed the large charcoal grill for steaks and fish in the grill room of the first and second class galley. For the special taste and cooks were shipping on this grill with hickory coal firing.

For serving specific foods such as crepe suzette flambé there were two that were pushed into the dining room.

To be able to imagine the capacity of the galleys better following numbers to two daily required food on board are very clear: Theoretically, 200 to 360 loaves of bread and apple pie be baked at once. Plus 60 loaves of bread and apple pie were 36 extra if you einrechnete all spare capacity.

Many had their own food preparation area in the galley. Had a vegetable, such as coffee. Lobster and oysters even had its own bar

The freezing capacity of America was 1172 cubic meters. This corresponds roughly to the typical truck load volume of 11 40-ton trucks. Then there were again about 1000 cubic meters of cold rooms with temperatures above the Gefierpunkts. The temperatures of the cooling and freezing rooms ranged from -13.3 ° C to + 10 ° C, because many foods need different high temperatures. Cheese takes a different temperature than champagne and potatoes other than meat. Therefore, there is on board many different rooms with individual temperatures for various foods.
The ice machine of America was able to produce 900 kg of ice in 24 hours.
Slightly different dimensions than on the back of a refrigerator: the 75 hp electric motor driven compressors for refrigerated cargo space of America.
Links: Manhattan pattern of the silverware. Right: typical dish with star ornaments.
Left: Charger plates decorated the tables of the dining rooms before the actual meals were served.
-Picture: Courtesy of Bill Lee.-
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