America by artists

America was not only graced by numerous artworks onboard, but was herself  chosen as a subject of art by many artists. An overview of some of these paintings can be seen here.
The launching of America by Thomas Skinner
This lithograph was also made by Thomas Skinner. It shows America at the time of her delivery to US Lines in 1940 in the James River in front of the Newport News shipyard. On the far left the gantries of America's birthplace can be seen along with the giant crane used during the outfitting of the ship.
This lithograph was published as a postcard.
- Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee-
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Lithograph of America by Thomas Skinner
This painting was made by the Newport News shipyard's own maritime artist Thomas Skinner. It shows America at the moment of her lauching. It was published (among other uses) as the cover of a special issue of the yard's shipyard bulletin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the shipyard. Thomas Skinner was responsible for the wall murals of the 3. class children playroom on board the America. (see artworks page 8)
Interesting to note is the artistic expression in the color chosen for the hull. In reality, the hull was painted brown at the time of the launching, as well as the superstructure (which is already painted white here). (compare: Construction Page 2)
- Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee-
This painting of maritime artist W.J. Alyward shows America  in the end of the 40s leaving the port of New York for Europe. It has been used in many promotional brochures and postcards of the United States Lines shipping company.
America leaves New York heading for Europe by W.J. Alyward
This detailed painting of the West Point arriving in New York at end of  World War II was also created by W.J. Alyward.
- Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee-
West Point brings home victorious G.I.'s  by W.J. Alyward
America at sea- Paulus
Little is known about this painting. It was published on the cover of the Sperryscope journal.
This photo shows a painting of America by Howard B. French when first arriving in New York Harbor. It is still in place today ar the United States Merchant Marine Academy. Howard B. French also was one of the artists who contributed in decorating the interior of America. His painting of the 18th century packet ship Americaadorned the 3. slass smoking room  (see artworks page 7).
America mural at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy by Howard B. French
This painting of America at sea is also a work of Thomas Skinner.
- Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee-
America by Thomas Skinner
Artist impression of America by Fred J. Hoertz. This paining was created before the funnels were raised but still used widely a long time afterwards for promaotion.
- Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee-
America by Fred J. Hoertz
This painting of West Point, arriving in Newport News was also done by Thomas Skinner.
- Picture: Shipyard Bulletin-
West Point by Thomas Skinner
This painting by Derrick Smoothy was sold aboard the Australis as a postcard.
- Picture: Chandris Lines-
Australis by Derrick Smoothy
This painting was realised even before the competition of the Australis rebuild. It was used in a lot of early promotional materials and brochures of the ship as well as for postcards.
- Pictures: Chandris Lines-
Australis- unknown artist
This painting by Jack Coggins was used for an illustration in the book "Ships of the U.S. Merchant Marine" written by S. Kip Farrington, JR.
- Picture: courtesy of Bill Lee-
America by Jack Coggins
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