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A special thanks goes to Bill Lee, without whom's generous contributions, knowledge and help this website wouldn't be what it is. Bill provided a lot of useful information and pictures which add much to the web site's completeness. His unmatched expert knowledge about the America is always of great help in finding answers to lesser known questions and facts about the ship. As a former employee of the Newport News Shipyard and his local roots in Newport News, Virginia, he has a lot of first hand experience and was an 'eye witness' to important parts of America's history.
The inspiring discussions around the America we share is something I very much enjoy.
Thank you Bill!

A thanks also goes to my buddies Sebastian and Ante for proof reading the german version of the web site.

I also would like to thank every librarian that helped me in finding and making available books, magazines, articles and pictures here in Germany and also in the US. Thanks to the German Shipping Museum in Bremerhaven, The Library of the University of Hannover, the National Archives, the University of Michigan and the Hathi Trust.
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