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About the author

My interest in the SS America sprang from an accident. During a seminar for my architectural studies, I researched the architectural firm of Eggers and Higgins, who designed the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC.  To  determine the characteristics of their architecture, I went through a list of projects they had implemented. My attention was drawn to an intriguing entry:
SS America-1939. A ship? In a list of buildings and monuments?  My interest was piqued and I began researching.  And indeed, a ship. And not just any ship, no, a beautiful luxury liner.
I learned that she had once been the national flagship of the nation for which she was named, and christened by none other than the former First  Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, with passengers as famous as Salvador Dalí or Ronald Reagan.

And then I saw a series of sad pictures of the wreck on Fuerteventura. It seemed surreal and I wondered how it could have happened.  How could this once-proud ship end up on a remote beach, slowly being torn apart by the sea, largely forgotten and looking like the last remnants of human civilization after the apocalypse?
So I read through the diverse and lenghy history of this vessel and I was immediately fascinated.

However, what finally made me a "fan" of America, was her unique art ensemble aboard. Since a hobby of mine is contemporary art and architectural styles from the 20s to the 40s, this was a perfect match.

So I went on a quest for information and pictures about America's artworks and artists but I quickly realized that there was hardly anything available about it online. So I expanded my research to libraries, archives, old magazines and brochures. At the same time I learned more and more about the SS America herself, and soon I had gathered many sources of information about the ship's history and present. In late 2011 I made a trip to Fuerteventura to visit the last resting spot of the American Star (and of course to enjoy the beautiful island)

To simply keep all those collected information, pictures and experiences for myself and let them get dusty in shelfes and boxes was out of question for me.
Rather, I wanted to share my results with others interested. The result was the idea to build this website.

With this website I want to share my enthusiasm for the America and provide an additional resurce for this unique vessel next to the existing brilliant sites on the net and if possible, increase visibility of her memory a little further.

best regards
Marko Fischer
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